Supersonic Update – Enhanced Databoards 3.0

We are thrilled to introduce the new Enhanced 3.0 Supersonic databoards. These updated databoards have a fresh new design to show patterns in user behavior at kiosks, cart insights, and overall store and kiosk performance. With four comprehensive pages of informative insights, you will gain a holistic view of your operations and customer interactions.


How our ENHANCED Databoards Empower Your Restaurant

  • Informed Decision-Making: With detailed metrics and trends at your fingertips, make data-driven decisions to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Understand what drives revenue and optimize your menu and pricing strategies accordingly.
  • Improved Customer Experience: By analyzing user behavior and session quality, identify pain points in the customer journey and take corrective actions to improve the ordering experience. Reduce cart abandonment rates and increase conversion rates by making the user interface more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Operational Excellence: Monitor store and kiosk performance in real-time, and quickly address underperforming areas. The ability to filter data by franchise, state, store type, and time period ensures that you can tailor your strategies to specific locations and times, maximizing efficiency and profitability.


New Features in Enhanced 3.0

Comprehensive Overview:

Access a variety of relevant metrics such as Number of Transactions, Total Revenue, Upsell Revenue, Average Order Value, Median Session Duration, and Conversion Rates. This sheet provides a snapshot of your store’s performance, allowing you to quickly identify trends and areas for improvement.

Deep Session Quality Insights:

Understand the user journey in detail with metrics on Conversion Rates, Cart Abandonment Rates, and Session Durations. This sheet breaks down the customer journey into stages, providing valuable insights into session abandonment and helping you pinpoint where customers are dropping off.

Product and Store Insights:

Gain a deeper understanding of what customers are ordering with Product Leaderboards and Upsell Insights. Store Insights offer leaderboards that rank stores and kiosks based on different metrics, and trends for different times of the day and week. Identify top-performing products and locations to replicate success across your operations.

Ready to transform your restaurant with Supersonic for Kiosks? Explore all that  today and start making smarter, data-driven decisions. Contact our team today to learn how to get started. 

Experience the future of restaurant management with Supersonic for Kiosks!

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