Revolutionize Your Restaurant Operations with Eyecue

Eyecue is an Advanced A.I. and Computer Vision platform that provides real-time and accurate data captured from your restaurant.

Equip your teams with the tools they need to make informed decisions on the spot. Heightened productivity, enhanced accuracy, and a seamless customer journey are now within reach with Eyecue. Revolutionize the way you run your restaurant today!

Eyecue's Core Platform

Core Infrastructure

A cloud-based solution so you are aware of what’s happening at each store, from anywhere, anytime.

User friendly admin portal: everything Eyecue in a single place.

Live dashboards: real-time metrics in a clean and easy-to-read layout, customizable for each workstation so your team can focus on what matters and see the results of their efforts in a quantifiable manner.

Customizable online analytics databoards including:

  • Corporate view with leaderboard
  • Portfolio view for multiple stores by region or ownership
  • Store view – in-depth store analytics
  • Automated delivery via email of end of shift report

Data Integration: Seamless real-time or batched data streaming to business intelligence platforms, with push or pull options.

Eyecue's key benefits

Operational efficiency driven by enhanced insights

Real-time monitoring with data accuracy

Customization and scalability

Drive-thru Module

Know what is happening in your drive-thru at all times with cameras placed throughout the journey.

The problem

Inefficient drive-thru operations and lack of real-time data.

The solution

Eyecue’s real-time data capture and analytics provide visibility in real time and enable quick operational adjustments.

Drive-thru module features

Computer vision & AI to track the full consumer journey with > 98% accuracy

Support for unique layouts for even the most complex locations

Human-to-Vehicle detection ensures Eyecue captures exactly when the customer received their food, not when they drove away or parked in a waiting bay

Identify vehicle pullouts

Dashboard widgets are configurable to show all sorts of live metrics, such as departure rate and average journey time, with customizable targets to increase team engagement.

Eyecue’s databoards give you an in-depth and historical view of all metrics in your drive-thru, allowing you to identify correlations and providing you with actionable insights.



Share live data with key stakeholders and maximize revenue by enabling real-time operational changes that improve efficiency.

Speed, Accuracy & Precision

Improved customer speed of service time by 6.5 seconds in the first 3 months, enabling more customers to be served through the drive-thru channel with 98% accuracy.

Visibility & Intelligence

Real-time data collection throughout the full drive-thru service, providing timed stage splits and capturing human-to-vehicle interactions for complete customer journey visibility.

Staff Engagement

Gamify operations to create positive competition among staff members within the same store or across different locations.

Versatile Functionality

Futureproof format, easy installation, modular with progressive predictive capability, and cost-efficient maintenance.

Customer capacity

10% improvement in speed of service in the first 12 months, leading to increased customer throughput and revenue.

Indoor Module

Eyecue platform allows operators to monitor, track events, and deliver valuable insights within specific areas of the restaurant.

The problem

Limited insight from within the restaurant operations.

The solution

Eyecue’s Indoor Module provides comprehensive monitoring and tracking of key areas, enabling efficient resource allocation and proactive planning.

Indoor module features

Always-on observation and analysis of situations within the restaurant

Real-time tracking of key events

Analysis and optimization of high-traffic zones

Capture and storage of video footage for future review



Gain a deeper understanding of restaurant operations and take quick, accurate action.

Optimizes space utilization

Ensures efficient use of resources and proactive planning based on historical data.

Manage by exception

Knowing that Eyecue always has your back, allowing for smoother operations and better resource allocation.

Enhances staff analysis

Provides valuable context for staff training and creates forensic reports for incidents, enhancing response and decision-making skills.

Monitor Module

A powerful data-driven event capture tool enabling operators to review, seek, search, tag, and train their staff using video-based examples across the store.

The problem

Ineffective staff training and incident management.

The solution

Eyecue’s Monitor Module offers video-based training and real-time feedback, improving staff performance and incident response.

Monitor module features

Data-Driven Event Capture:
  • Precision and Accuracy: High precision capture and review of events.
  • Comprehensive Search and Tagging: Easy seeking, searching, and tagging of specific events.
Staff Training:
  • Video-Based Examples: Utilizes real-life scenarios for training.
  • Review and Feedback: Platform for staff to review actions and receive feedback.


Saves time, allows for better staff training, and creates a real-time feedback loop to detect anomalies and breaches and determine their root causes.

Time Savings

  • Efficient Monitoring: Quick identification and addressing of issues without sifting through hours of footage.
  • Automated Alerts: Reduces manual oversight by alerting staff to potential problems.

Enhanced Staff Training

  • Practical Learning: Contextual training using actual store events.
  • Continuous Improvement: Ongoing access to training materials and feedback.

Proactive Problem Solving

  • Preventive Measures: Identifies root causes to address underlying issues before they escalate.
  • Improved Operations: Real-time feedback and training improve staff performance and customer service.