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Our world-class technology focuses on ensuring a faster, more accurate experience every time to maximize the true potential of your restaurant.

The Connected Restaurant

Explore how we help integrate different areas of a QSR:

Our enterprise-level solutions enhance your connectivity with customers, staff members, and the back of house, facilitating a smooth and uninterrupted experience for everyone.

Illustration of the first section of a quick-service restaurant's drive-thru. There are poles with cameras directed to a car that is close to outdoor digital menu boards. Around the car there is a bounding-box indicating it is being tracked by computer vision.


Invest in your busiest sales channel. Eyecue is the leading AI and computer vision technology that optimizes your drive-thru and delivers real-time information for your team to make faster, better decisions. Outdoor digital menu boards allow you to deliver bright and brilliant messages, grabbing the attention of every customer.

Illustration of the front of house of a quick-service restaurant. There are electronic kiosks where customers can place orders, as well as a table with a QR code. There is a server behind the counter, with digital menu boards behind them.

Front of house

From the moment your customers walk in the door, capture them with mouth-watering visuals using indoor digital menu boards, leading them to a relaxed and user-friendly digital ordering experience from kiosks to contactless ordering.

Illustration of a section of the parking lot of a quick-service restaurant. There is a car parked at a parking spot, and there is a server carrying an order towards the car. In front of each parking spot there is a large sign depicting a QR code for contactless ordering.

Curbside pickup

Let your customers order with complete safety, convenience, and efficiency with curbside pickup. Supersonic software connects seamlessly with your contactless ordering platforms to ensure the ultimate customer experience.

Illustration of the kitchen of a quick-service restaurant. There are appliances for making food, and a window though which servers can hand out orders that are ready. There is a worker holding a digital tablet, and a screen showing a dashboard with digital graphs at the top.


Give staff the tools they need to deliver fast and accurate service. Live dashboards will ensure staff are equipped with the right information exactly when and where they need it.

Illustration of an office, with a person sitting at a desk and a large digital screen showing a dashboard and graphs in front of them.

Back of house

Capture valuable data from your restaurant and convert it into actionable insights that unlock opportunities, optimize business operations, and elevate overall efficiency and productivity.


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