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QSR solutions

At Fingermark we believe the key to success within QSR is the ability to provide speed of service and accuracy for a better customer experience. 

We optimize and empower those within QSR by developing world-leading technology solutions to increase speed and efficiencies throughout your restaurant. 

As the QSR industry evolves, Fingermark has evolved with it and we are dedicated to developing advanced AI and computer vision technology solutions for leading QSR’s globally. 

The key challenges facing the QSR industry are labor shortages, rising operational costs, and changing customer expectations, along with the ability to access accurate and user-friendly data to help make smarter and faster decisions each and every day.
Fingermark creates intelligent data-driven solutions using highly accurate data and real-time insights, to empower decision-making. This helps deliver greater organizational change and ultimately drives increased revenue.
We continue to develop innovative, future-focused solutions that continue to deliver an improved speed of service to all areas of this fast-paced industry. 


We know things change fast in this industry so we are always tracking trends and working with our QSR partners to develop new solutions to help them go faster. Empowering staff and keeping them engaged is where we see huge potential and our developers are working hard to create solutions. We can’t wait to show you what we create next for this hugely exciting industry.

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