New Dashboards – Delivering a Clear Message

At the heart of Eyecue’s platform is the fresh new look and feel Dashboards that deliver real-time metrics to empower busy teams in the drive-thru. Designed to be clean, clear, and uncluttered, these dashboards are not just another addition to the store environment but serve as indispensable aids to staff members. They help them to navigate the complexities of day-to-day operations and drive stronger revenue through quick and fast actions that deliver better speed of service to get more cars through the drive-thru during the busiest times.

Our dashboards are designed in a way that gives clear guidance into how a drive-thru is operating at all times. Each widget gives busy staff the ability to think on their feet and take actions to help keep the flow of operations moving on pace.

Let’s look into some of the latest widgets our customers are using in their stores:

Dashboard gauges are crafted to exhibit metrics indicating how staff are progressing towards predefined targets.

Within these gauges, the target threshold is presented both numerically and visually, allowing managers to customize it according to their team’s objectives.

The live metric count is dynamically updated, represented by a color-coded line and a numerical value. This feature serves as a valuable tool for busy staff to assess their team’s overall progress effectively.

Graphs are a great way to clearly visualize how a store is performing over a longer period of time. The purpose of the graph is to give a broader representation of how teams are tracking at different points within a shift and make changes to where staff need to be in order to pick up speed at different times.

In this example, the graph is used to display car counts. It represents the car count for 15 minute blocks over a 4 hour period. Target thresholds can be configured and displayed on the graph. The widget can scale to fit available space, displaying 15 min counts depending on the width.

Blocks are used to show staff how they are tracking at different stages of the customer journey. These widgets are an easy way to see where bottlenecks are occurring and quickly decide what actions may need to be taken.

Targets can be set by managers to align with company targets and reviewed to identify trends that may require operational process changes over time.

Widgets can be fixed metrics or pre-set by the manager to ensure a store or head office KPI’s are set. Keeping the dashboards as clean and simple as possible means that busy staff don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to process and are able to easily take the right actions within the store based on how they are tracking. Empowering staff with the right data means they can take quick action and see real-time results that keep them motivated and engaged throughout their shift.

Contact us today to learn more about Eyecue and how our dashboards are supporting customers in making real-time changes within their stores.

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