Fingermark and Google: A Strategic Partnership to Drive Business Success

Fingermark became a strategic business partner of Google in 2019 as a result of our ongoing use of Chromeboxes for both our digital and computer vision products. As our business continues to grow year upon year, so does our relationship with Google. 

Why is this partnership important? 

The partnership allows us and Google to work together to provide a tailored solution for our customers, accelerating business success with Chrome Enterprise. It also promotes innovation, collaboration, and growth between the two companies. Fingermark can innovate based on its business and customer needs, while also driving platform innovation for Google. The partnership includes regular open dialogue, focused on creating the best solutions for customers and driving profitability in a fast-paced environment. 

Benefits for our Customers

The partnership offers numerous benefits to our customers, including greater alignment on product strategy, improved stability of new releases, and the ability to contribute to product roadmaps with feature requests. Customers also have access to exclusive technical training courses, sandbox toolkits, hands-on labs, and direct access to Google business and technical resources. 

Google Platforms Used

Fingermark uses ChromeOS, Google Cloud, and the Google Management Console in our products. Both our Supersonic software (for contactless solutions) and our Eyecue technology within the drive-thru space rely on these Google platforms, making them the ecosystem on which these products run. The Enterprise Google Management Console is used to enroll, manage, and control every Chromebox in Fingermark’s global fleet, ensuring that each Chromebox has the same stable ChromeOS version and security patches applied. 

Certifications and Training

Fingermark holds Chrome Enterprise Sales, Level 2 Chrome Enterprise Deployment, and Professional ChromeOS Administrator certifications from Google. As a strategic partner, we also have access to ongoing training and any other training or certification Google offers. 

We value our partnership with Google and see it as a key benefit in driving business success. The benefits it offers our customers, and the collaboration and innovation it promotes all help to contribute to a long-lasting partnership. 

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