Why you should invest in AI and Computer Vision in your Drive-Thru

In recent years, AI and computer vision have made significant advancements. It has become a huge topic of conversation around the benefits it can have for the QSR industry and more specifically the drive-thru. Drive-thrus are the busiest sales channel for many QSRs. AI and computer vision are helping restaurants offer a more efficient and improved experience for their customers. 

At Fingermark we have been installing our drive-thru intelligence software – EYECUE into leading restaurant brands for over 6 years. Here is why we think it is the best technology to invest in right now:

Improved data and accuracy: AI and computer vision give restaurants the ability to capture real-time data to help empower staff to make better decisions. It also collects this data for future use to help with staff training and process improvement. This means you can look at specific journeys retrospectively to identify and diagnose things like bottlenecks, balking, and pullouts to discuss changes and improvements in the areas where it is most needed. Having data you and your team can rely on helps build a happier and more effective business. 

AI and computer vision accurately track vehicles from the time they enter a drive-thru to the time they leave. Having the ability to track human-to-vehicle (HVI) interactions means the system can track the true time it takes to get that order to the customer. This can be the pickup window OR it may be the wait bay. This gives a much more accurate picture of delivery times and customer departure rates within your drive-thru. 

Speed and efficiency: When every second counts, drive-thru intelligence systems like EYECUE give managers the ability to make quick decisions. This helps deliver a faster speed of service by identifying where teams need to be during the busiest times. These decisions deliver an efficient restaurant that gets food to your customers faster. Live dashboards can be designed specifically for a store’s needs. This may include live alerts that motivate staff when they need it most and keep them on track. 

Customer experience: Customer expectations are higher than ever and with so much competition within QSR it is important to offer your customers an experience that keeps up with expectations. To ensure your customers receive great customer service, it is essential to provide your staff with the right information to make quick decisions during your busiest times. Using AI and computer vision to feed live data from the drive-thru will help your team provide a better customer experience. 

Increased revenue: By providing faster speed of service with more accuracy and a better customer experience, restaurants are able to serve more customers during their busiest times and ensure they come back more often. This leads to increased revenue for operators with consistent growth over time. 

There are many benefits to investing in AI and computer vision technology in your drive-thru. Unlike traditional timers that are restricted in their capability, AI and computer vision continues to evolve and can be easily adapted as systems and processes within your restaurant change. This ensures your initial investment will have benefits long after the installation period. If you want to gain a real competitive edge in your busiest sales channel then now is the time to install drive-thru intelligence in your restaurant.

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