A growing relationship between Fingermark and Americana

Fingermark has been partnering with Americana in MENA since 2019 to provide self-ordering kiosks for their QSR brands, with 493 kiosks deployed across Hardees and KFC restaurants in the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, and Egypt and 155 software only installs at KFC Kazakhstan. Our latest venture has us installing kiosks into their Pizza Hut restaurants in KSA.

Key Problem

Americana’s Senior IT Analyst, Abdulmajeed Nassereddin said the kiosks help address two key problems for Pizza Hut. Firstly to reduce labor costs and secondly to improve the customer experience by reducing queues.

The Solution

To overcome these problems, Americana has once again partnered with Fingermark. Our sleek, paperless, and user-friendly kiosks, along with our leading software solution, Supersonic enable Pizza Hut customers to order food without needing to interact with staff.

The kiosks feature a touchscreen interface that displays an intuitive menu that gives customers the ability to order Pizza Hut classics with ease while also being able to customize pizza toppings to suit their preferences should they wish.

Why Fingermark

Americana already has an established relationship with Fingermark. They have our kiosks installed in both their KFC and Hardees restaurants within the Middle East. Customer support and technical assistance have been a valuable resource, says Nassereddin as it ensures the smooth implementation and operation of the kiosks.

The Results

Since installing Fingermark’s self-ordering kiosks, Pizza Hut has observed several positive results. Customers have become more accustomed to the new technology, leading to increased use of the kiosks and an overall increase in average order value. The implementation of the kiosks has also helped to reduce labor costs, as the kiosks perform the task of a cashier, reducing the need for extra staff or giving the ability to relocate staff to more urgent tasks.
Nassereddin explains that the installation of Fingermark kiosks has expanded their knowledge of new technology and helped them gain troubleshooting expertise, allowing them to quickly resolve issues that may arise. Installing the kiosks has resulted in higher sales and improved customer satisfaction, contributing to the business’s overall success.


Americana successfully implemented Fingermark self-ordering kiosks into their Pizza Hut stores to reduce labor costs and improve the customer experience.

The partnership has helped Pizza Hut reduce queues, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. Gaining valuable knowledge in new technology and troubleshooting will help them to continue improving operations and the customer experience in the future. We are excited to continue our relationship with Americana and help drive business success.

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