The True Power of Data in Your Restaurant

In the digital age we find ourselves in today, data has emerged as the key to informed decision-making and smart business strategies. Industries across the spectrum are relentlessly seeking methods to harvest data about customer behaviors, trends, and preferences. With Fingermark’s cutting-edge kiosk software, Supersonic we not only capture this data but also transform it into valuable insights, equipping Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) with the power to adapt and cater to the ever-evolving demands of both their customers and staff. Each interaction on the kiosks generates a multitude of data points, creating a treasure trove of information.

From data points to CJ

By piecing together the data points accrued through our Supersonic software, our customers gain a greater perspective of the user journey, a priceless asset for helping restaurants achieve their business objectives. The insights gathered can be utilized to:

Reduce Abandoned Sessions: Recognizing the exact stages at which users typically abandon their transactions empowers you to implement precise improvements, thus minimizing missed opportunities.

Increase Order Value and Total Revenue: By analyzing user behavior, you can pinpoint opportunities for upselling and tailor your offerings to maximize order value and overall revenue.

Reduce Session Duration: Streamlining the user journey by removing bottlenecks and unnecessary steps ensures users complete transactions efficiently and swiftly.

Optimize Store Performance: Identifying and predicting busy times in restaurants, streamlining staff scheduling and optimizing the number of kiosks for best ROI.

Data and Analytics image

From a data analytics perspective, the process encompasses more than just data collection; it involves understanding the data thoroughly. Here’s how it unfolds:

Data Collection: Supersonic compiles data from real-time user interactions on the kiosk, revealing the actual actions users take during their sessions.

Historical Analysis: After gathering a few weeks’ worth of data, you can begin identifying trends and anomalies, answering crucial “why” questions. For example, if the daily average revenue fluctuates, is it due to a menu adjustment, a new feature, or some other factor?

Actionable Insights: Armed with these analytics, not only for an individual customer but also benchmark data from other customers, you can derive actionable insights and recommendations for improvements.

The data captured by Supersonic is triggered by user interface (UI) events. The list of user journey stages is well-defined, with the type of data collected varying from one event to another.

To make sense of this data, various data visualization tools are used and sent to managers. Our databoards offer customers:

  • Controls and Filters: Customization options for data analysis.
  • Key Metrics: Core performance indicators for the business.
  • Trends: Visualization of trends in user behavior and transactions.
  • Correlations: Identifying relationships between different data points.

Data Solution

The whole data solution leverages the latest technology with a focus on scalability and flexibility: this means that it can process large volumes of data in real-time, and can also adapt and customize the data it collects according to your changing requirements.

Data Overview

databoards 1

The data overview provides a comprehensive picture of your restaurant’s performance, with a focus on critical areas:

  • Daily Changes: Comparing abandoned sessions and successful transactions, highlighting trends and opportunities for improvement.
  • Session Duration: Breakdowns of session duration offer insights into user journeys and potential enhancements.
  • Individual Transactions: A deep dive into the details of each transaction, uncovering specific areas for improvement.
  • Leaderboards: Product and upsell leaderboards to identify top-performing items and opportunities for boosting sales.
  • Store Comparison: Comparing the performance of kiosks in a store and between different stores allows headquarters to identify improvement opportunities and potential issues for a particular restaurant.

In conclusion, the power of data captured by Fingermark kiosks and using our Supersonic software is an invaluable asset in today’s fiercely competitive QSR market. It not only helps you comprehend your customers but also furnishes actionable insights that can fuel growth and enhance user experiences. By harnessing this data, you can propel your restaurant to new heights and make data-driven decisions that pave the way for greater growth and overall success.

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