Enhancing Operational Efficiency at a Major Burger Chain


This case study explores how a major burger chain successfully optimized the utilization of their wait bays while ensuring customers were parked for legitimate reasons by staff. Faced with inaccuracies in their existing loop system, which failed to capture the full journey including the wait bays, the chain sought a solution to improve staff behavior and enhance customer satisfaction. By installing Eyecue, a camera-based, computer vision solution, the chain gained complete visibility of the entire drive-thru journey, leading to substantial improvements in operational efficiency and a more pleasant customer experience.

The problem

During busy times, the major burger chain faced challenges in managing the flow of cars through their drive-thru lanes efficiently. The existing loop system often inaccurately tracked a customer journey as complete once they drove away from the order/delivery window, irrespective of whether they had received their meals. This led to several issues, including sub-optimal staff behavior, bottlenecks, and customer dissatisfaction.


Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Implement a system that accurately tracks customer wait times and identifies bottlenecks in the drive-thru.

Improve Staff Behavior: Encourage staff to focus on providing timely service rather than resorting to practices that merely stop the timer.

Boost Customer Satisfaction: Reduce wait times, streamline order fulfillment, and enhance the overall drive-thru experience for customers.


The burger chain sought a solution to address these challenges and turned to Fingermark, and their drive-thru solution, Eyecue.

Eyecue is the world’s most advanced QSR analytics platform that utilizes camera’s and computer vision technology to capture specific events in your drive-thru and deliver accurate and powerful insights to your teams so they can make the right decision at the right times.  


The installation of Eyecue has brought about significant improvements:

Accurate Tracking: The chain gained precise data on customer wait times and identified bottlenecks quickly, allowing for targeted process improvements. Stores saw an 11% IMPROVEMENT in drive-thru times within 12 months of installing Eyecue.

Improved Staff Performance: Live dashboards allow for staff to get real-time data when and where they need it. Configurable widgets, allow for multi-station dashboard views to focus activities and reduce cognitive load.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Reduced wait times and a streamlined drive-thru process led to higher customer satisfaction and repeat visits.

Optimized Wait Bays: The chain efficiently utilized their wait bays, ensuring cars parked only for legitimate reasons, reducing congestion, and enhancing overall drive-thru capacity


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