Unleashing Our Global Reach

At Fingermark we are lucky to have customers all over the world. Last month, many of the team from our Head Office in New Zealand traveled to spend time with both new and existing customers. From the streets of the United States to the busy restaurants in Sydney, the Fingermark team have been busy exploring the globe and creating meaningful connections with our customers.

Last month, our Founder, Luke Irving, teamed up with Simon Foley, the Head of Product, and Chris Brown, the UX Designer, for another exciting trip to the United States. They dedicated their time to visiting some of the busiest drive-thru in the country. Through firsthand experiences, they witnessed how Eyecue’s innovative technology has empowered these restaurants to achieve an impressive 20% increase in throughput during peak hours. Furthermore, Eyecue has optimized their operations, enhanced customer experiences, and improved overall profitability. We are thrilled to witness the positive impact of Eyecue within the initial months of implementation. Undoubtedly, as we continue collaborating with our customers to adapt to their evolving store needs, we anticipate even more remarkable results.

From the United States to Australia, our Supersonic team spent quality time with some of our esteemed YUM customers. This allowed them to witness firsthand how our hardware and software solutions directly influence the on-ground staff. By observing the daily routines of busy kitchen personnel, they gained invaluable insights into how Supersonic software tangibly transforms their teams’ experiences.

Alec L’Hoste, the Supersonic Product Manager, and Christina Perry, the Supersonic Product Owner, ventured to KFC Castle Towers for a day to connect with the team who directly interacts with our product. Christina shared her thoughts on the experience, saying, “Having the opportunity to spend time with our customers was truly fantastic. We learned so much from them and witnessed firsthand how they benefit from Supersonic. We extend our gratitude to all the staff at KFC Castle Towers for allowing us to be part of your team for the day.”

Lastly, our Head of People and Culture had the pleasure of spending time with our Australian team. At Fingermark, we value fun and camaraderie, and this occasion allowed the team to take a break from their busy roles and try their hand at knife throwing. Our people are our top priority, so it is always rewarding to bring our teams together for a laugh.

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