Fingermark hits the road in the US

In New Zealand, our borders recently opened and a few of our team members got over to the States to meet our US team, visit the Mcdonald’s global conference, meet some of our customers face to face and see some of our new concept stores in action. We thought we would share some of their highlights here.

Joao Sisanoski – Computer Vision Developer, Fingermark

It was great to hear firsthand how happy our customers are with Eyecue™. On our trip to the States, we went through the manual validation of a concept store at Starbucks to see the Eyecue results vs the old loop timer. Our Eyecue™ system didn’t miss a single car compared to the loop timers that were around 60% accurate in capturing the drive-thru journey. This process enabled Starbucks to validate our system and empowered them to identify and understand issues at specific points in time at the drive-thru.

Simon Foley – Solutions Architect, Fingermark

It was nice to meet the wider Fingermark team. We met with some of our customers to hear their thoughts on how technology fits into the QSR industry as well as some of the challenges they face right now. Getting direct customer feedback was a key part of this trip and helps us understand our customer’s requirements in real-time situations. It was good to showcase how our Eyecue™ system can be tailored to fit the individual needs of different QSR chains and help drive better business solutions for each chain. In talking with multiple different QSR chains we identified three key learnings to bring back with us:

Key staffing issues
Computer vision is gaining traction everywhere
Relationships are important.

Luke Irving – Founder, Fingermark

It’s amazing to see how the QSR industry has moved since my last trip over two years ago. Certainly, tech is the focus for resolving significant challenges around drive-thru, staffing, and supply chain issues, but overall the industry is buoyant and I am proud to say we are in a fabulous position to help these giants of Industry. Fingermark was built by meeting customers and understanding and solving their problems alongside them and we are keen to get back to our core values of building empathy for our customers’ needs. The next two years are going to be a massive ride and we can’t wait – just watch this space.

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