Optimizing your QSR by harnessing the right technology

Are your stores contending with labour shortages, high customer demand across multiple order and delivery channels, and the ongoing challenge of customer loyalty, plus supply chain issues?

Optimizing your QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) is crucial. QSR operators need to keep better track of what is happening throughout their stores. Those that can quickly adapt and meet diners’ evolving needs for convenience and frictionless digital experiences will position themselves to thrive.

At Fingermark™ we recognise the importance of putting your team in control. We believe that accurate data and the ability to leverage analytics in real-time provides you with an essential tool to drive your business forward.

Eyecue™ has been designed with specialized computer vision technology to monitor specific regions throughout the drive-thru which provides a complete view of your drive-thru’s performance. This allows your team to ensure that the operational flow is as seamless as it can be for the customer.

“I can easily recognise opportunities to increase capacity in real-time.”

Mark Roberts, McDonald’s Licensee QLD


Eyecue™ is the most effective customer journey system of its kind in the world.

  • Enables bottom-line results
  • Highly accurate system
  • Total drive-thru visibility
  • Agile, local service & support

For more information on Eyecue™  and how it adds tangible value to your business download it here.

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