Arm your Team with Crucial Information

Every customer experience matters. Whether you’re grabbing your favourite burger or splashing out at a fancy restaurant we all have preconceived ideas about the food, the service and atmosphere, and whether the experience will live up to our expectations.

The volume of customers using Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) drive-thrus has gone through the roof since the pandemic hit – in some cases accounting for up to 95% of an outlet’s revenue – and it doesn’t look likely to drop back to pre-Covid volumes any time soon. Often clustered within close proximity of one another – making customers spoiled for choice – QSR drive-thru queues can be a deterrent when hungry people want food fast.

Where speed of service was the aim of the fast food game two years ago, today it’s the management of crucial human resources – particularly tough when hospitality is faced with significant labour shortages – that determines how to get the best out of your restaurant. Fingermark™ believes if we can create an environment that empowers staff to exceed expectations, then customer experience improves and speed becomes a secondary consideration.

But to enable your team to provide the best possible service to your customers you need to equip them with the best digital tools. Accurate and timely real-time data, and associated messaging are absolutely critical but more importantly, Luke Irving, CEO at Fingermark™ believes that the power of this aggregated data is the real game changer.

Digital integration should be the ultimate goal for QSRs. A seamless flow of ‘smart’ information across various touch points, from the customer to the kitchen, front-of-house and management matters more than ever. Restaurants will need to embrace new ways of leveraging information if they want to thrive.

To navigate and maintain growth quick-service and fast-casual restaurants need to focus on optimisation and make sure that the operational flow is as seamless as possible for customers. At Fingermark™ we believe that enabling fast, enhanced communication will not only empower your team, but maximise human potential when you’re grappling with labour shortages and fighting for share of wallet.

2022 is going to be another big year for digital technology in the QSR industry. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about how Fingermark™ can help you provide smart, real-time insights that enable your team to make decisions, deliver better service,increase customer satisfaction and deliver better bottom line results.

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