The Future is Kiosks

As many in QSR look at how they can use technology to overcome key challenges within their industry, we are seeing growing interest in how our kiosks can be used to improve the customer experience, operational efficiencies and drive higher revenue.

Key benefits:

Fingermark has over 17 years experience working with industry leaders within QSR and we have developed kiosks that will work best for our customers both now and in the future. We understand that every store is different so we ensure our kiosks are easily adaptable depending on each store’s needs.

Key features:

✅ Completely paperless

✅ Slimline design

✅ 16 different mounting options

✅ Simple & easy to install

Market trends:

The introduction of digital strategies continues to grow within the QSR industry. One of our clients recently grew their digital assets from 33% in 2019 to 55% today and plan to digitize further. Kiosks play a big part of this strategy as they contribute to improved order accuracy and overall order value. One customer reported an improvement from 73% order accuracy pre kiosks to an impressive 95% accuracy today.

Consumer preferences are shifting towards the use of digital platforms to order when in store, with one store reporting 67% of their customers now ordering with a kiosk. The ability to take their time to browse the menu and order the way they want, means Kiosks will continue to be the preferred way to order, and we don’t just mean by millennials. With kiosks acting as a well needed extra pair of hands, staff are able to focus on other key tasks within the Restaurant that help drive faster and more accurate customer service, operational efficiencies, and grow profits.

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