Meet our Chief Technology Officer – Dave Robertson

Tell us about your work history?

I have over a decade of experience in IT leadership from my time in roles such as Head Of Information Technology at AskYourTeam and Senior Data Engineer at REA Group. I have enjoyed connecting development teams to customer problems enabling objective solutions. Solving challenges with complex architectures and rolling up my sleeves to get hands on to continually learn and understand how teams can efficiently create value for customers.

What brought you to Hawkes Bay?

I grew up in Hawkes Bay and moved back from Wellington after my son was born to give him the same amazing upbringing Hawkes Bay afforded me. It’s such a great place here with great spaces for enjoying the outdoors. I love that working in tech you can really go anywhere, Fingermark is a testament to the fact that amazing technology companies at the cutting edge of their domain are not reserved for the big smoke.

Why do you like working in tech?
Problem-solving! I believe that tech at its heart is problem-solving. It’s about building stuff and connecting the dots. It’s like lego for grown-ups.

Why Fingermark?
What attracted me to Fingermark is that it is a company achieving on a global stage. Innovating by combining cutting edge technology with superb people providing amazing purpose with global effects.

Outside of work: what do you like doing on the weekend?
Managing a small lifestyle block with a self imposed life sentence. But also hunting, fishing, trail running just getting outside. I also dabble in brewing beer.

Advice you would give your younger self:
Stay focused on the problem. Build software that solves those problems. Don’t get caught up on the shiny things. The quicker you solve the problem, the quicker you’ll be seeing returns.

Advice to give someone who is looking at entering the tech industry?
Be pragmatic with your time, you’ll never learn everything reading the docs, roll up your sleeves and dive into the deep end, just stay focussed on the problem you’re solving and make it as small as possible.

Thanks, Dave for your time – can’t wait to see you making your moves at Fingermark.

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